2011-2012 Foundation Donors

Private gifts will keep our award-winning library strong, especially in difficult economic times. We thank these individuals and organizations for their gifts to the Library Foundation (July 1, 2011–November 1, 2012).

Richard L. Adams
American Legion Auxiliary 559
Jared and Mary Anderson
David and Karen Andsager
Robert Archer
Beth A. Auterman
Kashmira Avashia
Allen and Elaine Avner
Robert and June Ayers
Marian Babbs
Barbara Badger
Mary K. Bailey
Harold and Dorothy Baker
Karin Ballsrud
John and Connie Bandy
Gary and Marty Beaumont
Louis Beuschlein and Bridget Maloney
Susan E. Bekiares
Dorothy Bell
Roberta Birnbaum
John Jeffrey Blue
Joyce Bohrer
Marvin and Doreen Brigoli
Roy and Ann Campbell
Mary Capel
Aaron Carlin
Morgan K. Carr-Markell
Steve and Donna Carter
Champaign Highlands Condominium Association
Champaign-Urbana Herb Society
Chris and Lisa Cheely
Tim Clark and Vonne Ortiz
Nicole Anderson Cobb
Richard B. Cogdal
Mark Costello
Rhonda Craig
Crosspoint Human Services
Regan Cunningham
Brent and Judy Danforth
Benjamin and Jennifer Davis
Dana and Maria Dlott
Donald Ehlers
Celeste Eichelberger
Dr. and Mrs.* E. Richard Ensrud
Ezra Levin Foundation
Jim and Alice Faron
Dave Fernandes
Michael Finke
Thelma Fite
JoAnn Fley
Jean Flood
Mary Ann Ford
William* and Alice Fox
U. Henry and Ruth W. Gerlach
Joli Ginsberg
Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Gordon
Daphne Greaves
Thea  Green
Fred and Michele  Halenar
Morris L. Hecker Jr.
Jim and Alice Heidbreder
Dick and Gloria Helfrich
Anne Hickenbottom
Ted and Norma Himes
Michael and Debra Hirschi
Henry Huang
Judy Jackson
Karen Jannusch
Margaret Jobe
Barbara Jonas
John and Sandra Jones
Patrick and Karen Kane
Paula A. Kaufman
Debbie Keith
Claire Kennedy
Theresa Kennedy
Jan Kiley
Nori I. Komorita
Kraft Foods Group Employees
Betty Larson
Stan and Joan Levy
Stuart Levy
Dennis Lewis and Mary McGrath
Elizabeth Long
Frankline D. Longfellow
K. Lucien
Leslie Lundy
Linda Mahoney
Rajeev Malik
Bonnie L. Markiewicz
Clyde and Ann Martin
Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates LLC
Wayne and Pat Matthews
Donald and Janice Maum
Melissa  Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Mayes
Ray McDermott
Emily McDonald
Richard McDonald
Austin and Ellen McDowell
Ruairi McEnroe
Sally and Bill Meadows
Daryl and Yonghwa Meling
Andrew Meyer
Scott and Beth Shirk Meyer
George and Diane Miller
John  Murphy and Cara Finnegan
Lee Nettnin
Christine C. Noffsinger
Terry and Margaret Noonan
Jenette M. Nugent
Ed and Carolyn Ogen
Old Farm Condominium Association
T. Doug Olive
Elizabeth Otto
Jerry Parvin
Minnie Pearson
Marguerite Perry*
Lauren Pirkle
Carol J. Plumb
Melissa Records
Daniel and Helen Richards
Selma K. Richardson
Laura Roberts-Andrejasich
Anne Robin
King and Judy Rogers
Karen Ruhleder
Nicole Sambor
Michael and Maxine Sandretto
Frank Scantlebury
Andy Schuchart
Dawn Schultz
Robert and Lanita Schuster
Fred, Cathy, Ryan and Kristin Segovich
Evelyn C. Shapiro
David and Anne Sharpe
David and Annalee Shaul
Stanford and Susan Sholem
Rosangela Silva
Bob and Margie Skirvin
Jeff and Lisa Slade
Larry and Barbara Slanker
Andrew Sofranko
Pamela Soloman
Jane Solon-Wetmore
Kristie Stasi
Henriette Stegemeier
Allan and Cecile Steinberg
Philip and Roxanne Stirrett
Betsy Su
Karen Suchor
Kenwood and Lori Sullivan
Burton and Iris Swanson
Hideyuki and Kara Tahaka
Elizabeth  Talbot
Valerie Tassiello
Luther and Jackie Terry
The Book Club
Allan and Patricia Tuchman
Thomas and Julia Ulen
University Place Reading Group
Sharon Vaught
Michael and Lila Vodkin
Mr. and Mrs. E. Leland Walker
Robert* and Emily S. Watts
Warren Wessels
David and Christina Whippo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams
Leonard and Judy Wilson
Charles Wisseman
Jerry Wray
Gerald T. Yaxley*
James R. Yoakum
Kim Zarhn
Eileen Zemlin
Craig and Julie Zilles
Bruce Zimmerman and Maureen Reagan


Star Donors & Tribute Gifts

See our Star Donors and Tribute Gifts for 2011-2012. Star donors have made a significant investment in the library. Tribute gifts honor someone special while they support the library.


We’ve done our best to list names correctly here. However, if you find an error, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can correct our records. Call Library Administration at 217/403-2050.