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Foundation Revenue: $259,092

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Our July 2008 dedication of the new library provided another occasion to cheer for the $3 million in private gifts that helped to make the new building possible. Engraved patio pavers were completed, recognizing some of those gifts. New names appeared on our glass donor wall, honoring gifts of $10,000 or more. This year, the foundation also launched The Burnham Society to encourage planned gifts and focused on building an endowment — a Fund for Excellence for the future.

Library Foundation Donors

Our donors recognize the special role that private funding has in securing the future of excellent library service in our community. We are grateful for each of their gifts.

Memorial Tributes

Memorials were made in memory of:
Marjorie Barrick
Betty Blixen
Gertrude Bryan
James Carter
Lois Costello
Sara Gatewood
Martha Z. Hecker
Roy and Anabel Helfinstine
Margaret Fisher
Frederick C. (Fritz) Fliegel
Jane C. Kelly
Margaret, Pat and Tim Kennedy
Marjorie Kuhne
Allison Niswonger
Jack Riley
Jon A. Robinson
Robert S. Shierry

“A gift from Stuart and Mary Cravens allowed us to fly in Rick Riordan, author of one of the top-selling teen book series. His first stop, right off the plane, was Franklin Middle School. He greeted students like old friends, signed books, then whipped out a spellbinding presentation for an audience of 300. That night at the library, he met with fans both before and after a packed program. I‘ll never forget the face of one young lady with a huge smile, literally jumping up and down as her turn came to have her pile of books signed. Getting students excited about reading can be challenging at times, but Rick Riordan made it easy.”

Betsy Su
Adult Services

Betsy Su